Big Data (For Private Insurance Companies)

Services for insurers utilizing healthcare data

JMDC provides support for a wide range of insurance businesses by leveraging our data resources and expertise in data utilization.
Our services are centered on the JMDC Claims Database, which is composed of the claims data, medical examination data and ledger information of members of health insurance associations and their families.
We have also started obtaining data from wearable devices worn by these members via PHR (personal health records) and incorporating them as analyzable data.

Health insurance claims data
Contains all health insurance claims data (inpatient, DPC, outpatient, dispensing) for the observation group.
Medical examination data
Contains the results of medical examinations conducted on members of health insurance associations.
Ledger information
Contains attribute information on members of health insurance associations, including those without claims data.

The JMDC Claims Database links claims information with members’ unique IDs, which enables data to be tracked by patient and treatment progress and health condition to be comprehensively understood.

Claims information is linked with members’ unique IDs, enabling patient-by-patient analysis.
Claims data are linked to medical examination data, enabling analysis of treatment and health condition.
The ledger supports incidence rate analysis.

Major solutions offered by JMDC

Data provision and aggregation services

JMDC provides analytical design and aggregation support customized at your request, such as by disease or by treatment. We also offer a cloud database freely accessible from across the company and a full database.

Solution development

JMDC supports projects that promote digital transformation powered by healthcare data, as well as projects developing applications and web content for better health, from the planning to the development stages.


Leveraging our wealth of data, deep understanding of the insurance business and professional talent, we provide consulting services to help you exploit the potential of healthcare data.

Examples of services and solutions offered by JMDC throughout insurance companies’ value chain

JMDC is currently working to expand the database to include data on payers, data derived from medical institutions, and wearables data, thereby expanding the service coverage. Based on our expertise in analyzing medical big data, we will help you develop more advanced insurance services.

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