To all shareholders

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your courtesy and support.

JMDC Inc. has engaged in various initiatives to promote activities to encourage the improvement of people’s health and to achieve the “sustainable healthcare system” by doing so, with one such initiative being providing academia and industry with a medical receipt database containing data derived from health insurance unions as a pioneering medical big data business since our founding in 2002.

In recent years, the sense of challenge in relation to the sharp increase in national medical expenses, which is said to be the “2025 Problem”, has become increasingly serious. In order to suppress this, the trend to expect analysis based on medical big data is increasing rapidly in industry, government, and academia.
Under such circumstances, we have greatly increased the number of health insurance unions and their members with whom we have ties, as well as advancing various new efforts to achieve the “sustainable healthcare system”, such as by collecting and analyzing big data from medical institutions and developing ICT services that directly connect with public consumers.

On the premise that we handle data in the very sensitive area of medical information and provide services in medical areas related to human lives, I shall, with a high level of legal compliance and ethics for protecting personal information, run the company in a way in which I am able to earn the trust of various stakeholders.

I would like to ask our shareholders for their understanding of our company’s efforts and for their continued support.

President and CEO
Ryo Noguchi