Support for Medical Institutions

Supporting the realization of high-quality medical care by “visualizing” the quality of medical treatment

By analyzing and modeling the huge amounts of real-world data in the JMDC Claims Database and various data collected from medical institutions, we strongly support the creation of quality indicators (QI, also called medical quality indicators, clinical indicators) for medical treatment in medical institutions.

Improving lifestyles through visualization of health status

JMDC QI is a service for hospitals that aggregates and analyzes various data from hospitals, creates QIs (clinical quality indicators) suitable for clinical use, and delivers them in reports. By comparing the QI values with other hospitals, you can grasp the strengths and issues of your own hospital, and you can see the results of hospital improvement activities, etc. by looking at the annual changes in your hospital’s QI. It is also effective for operating the PDCA cycle effectively. In addition to the medical treatment provided by doctors, it is also possible to create medical treatment indicators related to nurses, nutritionists, physical therapists, and other health professionals.

Creating quality indicators (QI) for medical treatment that meet customer needs

Example of creating a control indicator for test values in consideration of medication status and patient background (cognitive function, physical function, etc.) in accordance with diabetes clinical practice guidelines.

Confirmation of annual trends and benchmark analysis

Example: Chronological changes and comparison with other facilities on the rate of patients returning home after rehabilitation was conducted. It showed that compared to other facilities, the rate of patients returning home was higher.

Work handled by JMDC

Our staff perform almost everything from extracting data to creating medical treatment quality indicators (QI). We support hospitals that do not have enough manpower or time to create indicators.

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