Health Data Platform

JMDC provides various online services based on the analysis of more than JMDC provides various online services based on the analysis of more than 985 million receipt data items and more than 49 million medical examination data items (as of March 2023).
We are making various efforts such as our PHR (Personal Health Record) service that can collect various items of health-related information including medical treatment records, test results, health checkup results, and prescription drug information from medical institutions. We also offer a smartphone-based medical consultation service, and a service that provides medical information using “meteorological and medical data.”

Improving lifestyles through visualization of health status

PepUpPepUp is not just about storing and displaying health checkup results, it also provides individual advice and a display of disease risk tailored to each user based on analysis of the vast amount of medical data accumulated by JMDC. It is also a tool for daily exercise and lifestyle recording necessary for health maintenance and management, and a lifestyle improvement solution that can encourage users to effortlessly step up to the behavioral transformation stage through regular exercise promotion events with rewards, etc.

Your health state

Makes complicated health checkup results easy to understand! Easy-to-read and clear explanations to help you “take ownership of your health.”

Various health information

We have prepared a mechanism that helps you take an interest in maintaining your health while enjoying making healthy recipes and reading health-related news and “Metabo Senryu.”

Daily records

Easily record your daily lifestyle habits. The number of steps, weight, and heart rate, etc. can be entered easily by linking a wearable device.

Better medical care for all

ClintalClintal aims to realize a society where all people can receive better medical care. In the health consultation chat, you can consult with an actual nurse about illnesses, medicines, and health from your smartphone. In addition, Clintal provides a chatbot that gives advice on the location and timing of your consultation as you input your symptoms following questions. There is also a doctor referral service that introduces doctors who match your medical condition from data on doctors across Japan.

Doctor search

On the doctor search site, you can search for doctors across Japan based on the medical department and illness.

Health consultation chat

With health consultation chat, you can feel free to ask the nurse about your daily health-related problems and anxieties.

Doctor referral service

This service searches for and proposes doctors who match your medical condition on your behalf based on data covering over 200,000 doctors nationwide.

A project to improve quality of life using information on predicting the onset of meteorological diseases

Health WeatherHealth Weather® is a collective term for services that provide information on the onset and development of diseases and related information using “meteorological and medical data.” The service is designed for people who are highly interested in preventing the onset and development of disease and maintaining health, and for companies and organizations that provide services to those people.
Through a series of services, we aim to realize a healthy society by promoting awareness of health and transformation of behavior among users.

Asthma risk forecast app created from meteorological data combined with asthma patient consultation status

We have developed an app that notifies users of the asthma risk associated with changes in weather and that can be used for physical condition management and communication for asthmatic children.

Forecast asthma risk predicted from weather for up to ten days ahead in five stages

Along with the weather forecast, the asthma risk level is presented in five stages: Danger, Severe Warning, Warning, Caution, and Be On Guard. You can check the app on weekends and when out and about, so you can be prepared in advance.

Record physical condition and medication status in chat format

Easily record your daily physical condition, symptoms, medical visits, and medications. Even children who are unable to communicate their physical condition in words can check their health condition by voice.

We use the SiCECA Library for HWCS to check health condition.

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