JMDC Mission

Realize a Sustainable Healthcare System
with the Power of Data and ICT

JMDC pursues the potential of medical Big Data, creates new value from it, and returns this value to society. Using data and ICT, we will promote personalization of health maintenance and management for individuals, and support improvement of service quality and cost optimization for healthcare providers.

Our value

  • Dream BigWe pursue the possibilities of data. We look at our work attitudes and thoughts one step ahead, think about teams working together, capture the situation and changes in customers and society, demonstrate imagination, and pursue our own possibilities.
  • Strive for the GoalWe will challenge ourselves boldly toward new discoveries and high goals in order to create and deliver valuable services to society. We believe that even if you don’t get the results you want, it is worthwhile to never give up and deliver results to the end.
  • Have integrityAs data professionals, we understand and handle data correctly and take responsibility for our outputs.
  • AccelerateWe will work with passion toward our goals. We aim to be a team that trusts its own strength where everyone is accelerating toward the goal.
  • Have funWe value the enrichment of life. For this reason, we value the enjoyment of working.

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