Big data (life insurance field)

Solutions for realizing population health

Based on health insurance claims and physical examination data, JMDC utilizes unique data processing technology and analysis expertise to provide solutions to support new product development and making claim examination work more efficient. In the future, we will continue to widen the scope of our solutions utilizing the real world data of the JMDC Claims database where surveys can be conducted on the whole population.
JMDC Claims Database

Population health service provided by JMDC

An online tool that enables various statistical analysis of prevalence rates and occurrence rates by constantly accessing the latest full data of JMDC.

  • Health insurance claims analysis
  • Pre/post hospitalization analysis
  • Multiple analysis of physical examinations
  • Master search
Adhoc analysis service
We accept custom requests for surveys/analysis each time. By narrowing down specific purposes such as disease, pharmaceutical product, and surgery, we provide wide support of output form design to data calculations.

  • Support of developing new products
  • Creating data for sales/application materials
  • Building a prediction model
WEB application development
Total support from proposal to development for customer-facing web, application services and business efficiency systems utilizing JMDC’s medical Big Data and knowledge.

  • Requirements definition support
  • WEB application development
  • Kazashi OCR
Kenko Nenrei® service (Health Age service)
A service that calculates and notifies the Kenko Nenrei® (healthy age) based on physical examination result that shows the health status of people using indicators that anyone can understand.

  • Healthy age notification
  • Easy healthy age measurement

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