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JMDC Claims Database

JMDC Claims Database

The largest claims database of epidemiology in Japan. Already processed into a standardized format that can be immediately utilized for research

Three Features

① The largest epidemiology claims database available in Japan

  • Eligibility information, claims(in-patient, out-patient, pharmacy) received from payers, as well as annual health checkups data
  • Cumulative observed population of 3,000,000 with data from 2005
  • Being population based with eligibility information, JMDC Claims Database permits to assess the prevalence and/or incidence of disease
  • The ability to grant insured individuals a unique ID and track their movement and treatment across medical facilities

② A database processed into a standardized format for immediate application to research

  • disease, drug, and treatment activity that is standardized, with automatic conversion by the JMDC medical dictionary
  • ICD10 and ATC codes are granted to each disease and drug.
  • Enhancement of the master group needed for segmented analyses such as drug master data (formulation, standard drug price, etc.) and medical institution master data (number of beds, specialty, etc.)
  • Full standardization of all drug dosage and unit information
  • Securely anonymized data using Information MediC4 = "irreversible anonymous aggregation technology." that heavily encrypts information that could identify an individual

③ Abundant usage records

  • Results of over 60 articles and 120 medical conference presentations
  • Results from the adoption of such projects as the PMDA MIHARI Project, METI Regional Promotion of Healthcare Development Project.