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Website Terms of Use

Consent to Terms of Use

Before using this homepage (the "Site") of JMDC Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "we," "us" or "our"), please read and agree with the following terms of use. Do not use the Site if you do not agree to the terms of use. Use of this Site will be treated as consent to all of the following terms. In addition, please read the terms of use for pages within this Site that have separate terms of use and agree with the terms before using the Site.

Scope of Terms of Use

  1. These terms of use (the "Terms of Use") apply to the use of the information services used by the Site and the various internet services we supply (collectively, the "Services").
  2. Any terms for Services that are the subject of separate policies from our Terms of Use shall each constitute a part of this agreement.
  3. If there are any discrepancies between the provision of these Terms of Use and the prior separate policies, said separate policies can be applied with a priority.

Modifications to Terms of Use

  1. We may modify the Terms of Use without notice to the user. Please use the Site after agreeing to the most recent revisions.
  2. Modifications to the Terms of Use, unless we otherwise specify, shall take effect once shown on the Site.

Website Viewing Environment

  1. Users shall, at their own risk and expense, prepare the communication equipment, software, telephone subscription, Internet connection contract, etc., necessary to use these Services. Further, all communication and connection fees, etc., for using the Service shall be borne by the user.
  2. The Site is optimized for Microsoft Windows + Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or Firefox latest version Use of other operating systems or browsers may result in some pages being displayed incorrectly. If stylesheets are turned off, pages may not display correctly even when using the recommended OS and browsers. Parts of this Site use JavaScript. Certain parts of the Site may not behave properly when viewed in an environment that does not support JavaScript. Adobe Reader(Adobe Systems Incorporated) is necessary for parts of the Site.It can be downloaded for free here.

User Duties and Obligations

  1. Users shall not perform the following activities when using the Services:
    • (1)Actions that infringe, or may infringe, on our rights
    • (2)Actions that infringe, or may infringe, on our property
    • (3)In addition to (1) and (2) above, actions that harm, or may harm, us
    • (4)Fraudulent use of IDs and passwords used on this Site
    • (5)Fraudulent use of another person's ID and password
    • (6)Transferring an ID and password to a third party or making a third party use an ID and password
    • (7)Using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses through the Services or related to the Services
    • (8)Actions that unduly interfere, or may unduly interfere, with the operation of the Services and are detrimental to us
    • (9)Actions that infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyrights and other rights of ours or of third parties
    • (10)Actions that slander or harm our prestige or trust or that of third parties
    • (11)Actions that prevent other users from using the Services
    • (12)Actions that infringe, or may infringe, on our property, privacy, portrait rights, or publicity rights or those of third parties
    • (13)Actions that are contrary, or may be contrary, to public policy and good morals
    • (14)Actions that are in violation, or may be in violation, of the law
    • (15)Criminal actions, actions related to criminal actions, or potentially criminal actions
    • (16)Other actions we determine to be inappropriate

Arrangements for Problems Caused by the User

  1. If we are harmed by user actions in violation of the Terms of Use or actions that are fraudulent or illegal, we may seek compensation for damages.
  2. We take no responsibility for any disputes between the user and a third party, or for any damages, etc., caused by the user on a third party, and they shall be settled at the responsibility of the user.

Limitation of Liability

  1. The information on this site is prepared in good faith and distributed to all users; however, we do not guarantee the suitability, completeness, accuracy, safety, legality, recentness, etc., of the information with regard to the quality of the Services.
  2. Use of this site is at the risk of user.
  3. We are not liable for any damages incurred through the use or inability to use this Site, excluding cases of our willful or gross negligence.
  4. We are not liable for any and all damages to hardware and software, damages to communication environment, trouble between the user and a third party, or other circumstances, etc., caused by use of the Site,

Stoppages, Discontinuances, and Modifications of the Site

  1. We may modify or terminate details of the Services without prior notification to the customers.
  2. We are not liable for any disadvantages or damages to the user that may accompany the foregoing changes, etc.
  3. We may stop or discontinue part or all of the Services without prior notification to the user for any of the following reasons:
    • (1)Periodic or emergency maintenance and inspection or upgrade of equipment and systems that provide the various Services
    • (2)Difficulty in providing various Services due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, etc.
    • (3)When service is not provided by a type I Telecommunications Carriers
    • (4)When other temporary stoppages or discontinuances of various Services are necessary for operational or technical reasons, or when we have determined that provision of various Services is difficult
  4. We are not liable for any disadvantages or damages to the user or third parties due to the occurrence of a temporary stoppage or discontinuance of provision of various Services.

Handling of User Information

  1. We shall handle user information as stipulated in the separate Privacy Policy.The user shall read and agree with the Policy prior to using the Services.

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyrights, Trademarks, etc.)

  1. Both we and the supplier of all copyrights, images, marks, and other information on the Site possess intellectual property rights, usage rights, or other rights for the copyrighted, etc., material. Duplication of this site through downloading, printing, or other methods is limited to private use that falls within a scope limited to private or family use. Please refrain from reusing information and programs from the Site in other websites or printed materials (copy, upload, publication, citation, etc.). Please refrain from unauthorized use of content published on the Site beyond that permitted by copyright law.
  2. Rights to trademarks displayed on the Site are either our property or that of right-holders to whom we have allowed the use of such. Please refrain from use without authorization from the right-holder.