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Message from the President

Aiming to achieve a healthier society through medical data and the power of analyses

JMDC Inc. (JMDC) was founded on the belief that expanding medical data and analysis, and generating increasing output, will improve the ability of everyone in society to access high quality healthcare, as well as contribute to an environment that promotes health.

One of the key problems facing medicine and healthcare today is the lack of visibility to actual objective data focused on individuals in the social welfare system regarding prevention, treatment, and long-term care. We believe that providing this visibility is a mechanism to open the door to many discussions and ideas for the benefit of society.

To achieve this we will continue to be faced with many challenges, such as technologies to process, anonymize and statistically analyze data, knowledge in fields such as epidemiology, medical study, and the social sciences and the ability to promote the application of this data to the benefit of society.

With a constant focus on the people of society, we commit to actions and activities through our medical data that support the improvement of health, Quality of Life (QOL), and raise the level of the health and welfare system overall.

Shinya Kimura, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Yosuke Matsushima, Representative Director and President